Awning Cleaning in Reading | Parasol Cleaning in Reading

Delivering experienced, reliable awning and parasol cleaning throughout the South of England.

With many experience in awning and parasol cleaning across the South of England, we know our business and you’ll benefit from our expertise. Using our specialised on site and awning and parasol cleaning system we’ll bring your shade structures back to life and looking clean, bright and new! Our on site pressure washing system is for both homes and large businesses, ensuring a great first impression for visitors.

We assess your needs and create custom cleaning solutions and we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our pressure cleaning solutions to your unique set of circumstances.

Cleaning shop awnings and parasols can be risky without the knowledge of our specialists. Incorrect cleaning agents or pressure wash techniques can damage or mark your structure and its material, this can be a costly expense to replace and reinstall. Our awning cleaning service and solutions have been honed and tested for over many years.

We know what needs to be done and we’ve done it many times before.

Our on site cleaning system is more affordable than the expensive option of taking your items away and returning them post cleaning.

Our on site cleaning system removes deep ingrained dirt and algae, leaving your awnings, parasols, umbrellas, etc looking like new.

We can pressure wash all of your free standing, attached, permanent or removable shade structures. Our pressure cleaning services include; shade sail cleaning, canopy cleaning, awning cleaning, shop awning cleaning, marquee cleaning, parasol & commercial umbrella cleaning.

We’re highly experienced in pressure cleaning sensitive areas and protecting surrounds from water damage. We specialise in helping businesses keep their facades, shop awnings, parasols and shade sail structures clean with minimal impact to your customers.

We offer affordable on site services to: Commercial, industrial residential and domestic sectors. Bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, care homes, hospitals, housing associations and councils. 

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